Dining rooms

Rege Dining Room

Extraordinarily opulent, this beautiful dining room takes advantage of vivid colors, intricate patterns, and baroque designs to showcase stunning craftsmanship. The bold curvatures of the niche and armoire soften the angular design on the dining room table and modern chair structure.

Product Details


  • Rege dining table 200*110*75 cm
  • Ronda arm chair 50*45*100 cm
  • Rege Cupboard 120*40*150 cm
  • Rege buffet 160*50*90 cm
  • Cord rectangular wooden framen 60*95 cm


  • Rege dining table -CodeB53
  • Ronda arm chair -CodeK28
  • Rege Cupboard CodeB83
  • Rege buffet -CodeB84
  • Cord rectangular wooden -CodeC20