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Pacha Dining Room

Pacha Dining Room

Since 2009, Designocracy have been endlessly working to bring you the finest handcrafted home interior furniture,

We are well-known For our unique dining tables as we all know  as a room that is more used than maximum of the other rooms in the house,

Your dining room will need extra attention when it comes to designing an eye catching piece.

We are here to help you with all the details.

Designocracy use gold leaf detailed by hands  all materials are of best quality.

We have many chair designs you can mix and match any of our products .

will make sure they will match the whole set.

You can also find square shaped and rectangular Pacha Dining Room

Available for 6 or 8 and 10 chairs we can also change the plain and patterned fabrics we have many fabrics to choose from,

Regarding the color of would we have many samples to choose from this is a reminder that designocracy uses only the most high quality materials we are here talking about wood,

Fabrics  accessories and anything you will get from us will definitely be the best of the best.

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  • Pacha Dining Room
  • Pacha Dining Room
  • Pacha Dining Room
  • Pacha Dining Room
  • Pacha Dining Room
  • Pacha Dining Room

Product Details


  • Pacha dining table 170*170 cm
  • Spark chair
  • Group of 12 mirrors 195*135h cm
  • Pacha buffet 220*60*90h cm
  • Pacha cupboard 100*50*174h cm


  • Pacha dining table
  • Spark chair
  • Group of 12 mirrors
  • Pacha buffet
  • Pacha cupboard