Lumina Sofa

With a natural wooden frame and pleasant design, the Lumina Sofa provides a sense of casual comfort to any living area. The style of this sofa is simple enough to match any home décor and provides a beautiful foundation to add a touch of personalized flavor.

Product Details


  • Lumina sofa 245*100*96 cm
  • Lumina chair 107*90*105 cm
  • Amulet table 140*75*40 cm
  • Amulet side table 70*70*60 cm
  • Ray mirror with frame 67*67 cm
  • Ray mirror 67*67 cm


  • Lumina sofa _ Code A4
  • Lumina chair _ Code K13
  • Amulet table _ Code B8
  • Amulet side table _ Code B9
  • Ray mirror with frame _ Code C28
  • Ray mirror _ Code C29