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Palmi Bedroom

The epitome of modern design, the Palmi bedroom utilizes sleek white furniture and simple craftsmanship to provide a clean and elegant look. The subtle colors present in the rich fabric add a burst of energy to the room and provide the optimal opportunity for personalization.

Product Details


  • Palmi Headboard 180*250cm
  • Palmi Commode 70*55*40 cm
  • Palmi Dresser Mirror 77*178 cm
  • Palmi Dresser 3 Drawers 175*45*75 cm
  • Palmi Wardrobe 1 Doors 60*60*200 cm
  • Palmi Wardrobe Unit 2 Drawers 120*60*60 cm
  • Palmi Wardrobe Mirror 110*110 cm


  • Palmi headboard _ Code F7
  • Palmi commode _ Code D24
  • Palmi dresser mirror _ Code C50
  • Palmi dresser 3 drawers _ Code D25
  • Palmi wardrobe 1 doors _ Code H2
  • Palmi wardrobe unit 2 drawers _ Code H2-1
  • Palmi wardrobe mirror _ Code C51