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Lotus Sofa

A staple piece for any living space, the Lotus Sofa boats an arched back that provides comfortable practicality in addition to an elegant design.



Product Details


  • Lotus sofa (without crown) 270*110*75 cm
  • Classic chair 75*75*95 cm
  • Classic banquette 75*55*45 cm
  • Pacha table 170*102*40 cm
  • Pacha side table 75*75*60 cm
  • Florea mirror 120 cm


  • Lotus sofa 270 cm - Code A1
  • Classic chair - Code K1
  • Classic banquette - Code K2
  • Pacha table 170 cm - Code B5
  • Pacha side table - Code B7
  • Florea mirror 120 cm - Code C45